One of the challenges of operating a family business is in recruiting and retaining great non-family employees. Retention of employees is greatly enhanced when great employees see opportunities of advancement within the organization. If those employees perceive that advancement is only available to family members, retention efforts will be negatively impacted.
One of the smartest things family business can do is to identify all potential ‘advancement opportunities’ within the business. By creating advancement opportunities for non-family members, the ability to retain valuable employees can be significantly enhanced. For smaller …


One of the many challenges a family business faces is ‘how’ family member will be treated and what the expectations will be as a new family member enters into the business. Families create their unique family dynamic over time. The real question becomes, does the personal family dynamic extend into the business, or does the family adopt a ‘family business dynamic’ which is based upon the policies and operational standards of the business?
For non-family members this is a significant issue. Anyone who has worked in a business or …


As a business consultant I find it more than a little disconcerting when a specialist I go to, say a doctor, dentist, CPA or other such professional, refuses to use specialists to assist and support them in their business development. I have to believe that a dentist does not think it wise to have me attempt to fill my own cavities. Nor do I believe that my attorney believes I could represent myself appropriately in a legal matter that they have been trained to address.
So why is it …

You own and operate your family business and now you have an adult-age child who wants to join the family business.
• What are their skills?
• Where do you start them?
• How do they develop and grow within the business?
• How will this impact the morale of the other employees?
• Will they have to prove their abilities to advance and take over the company, or is it a given they will own the business eventually?
Enough questions yet?
Family businesses have historically been the backbone of every country’s economy. …

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘You can never have too much advertising.’? The intuitive answer is, ‘No’.
The practical answer is, ‘Yes’.
In the best of all worlds, businesses would advertise 24/7, saturate their markets with TV, Radio, Print Media, Digital Media, Social Media, Flyers, Brochures, Promotional Items, and Fee-per-Lead Referral Services and be a member of multiple networking and other business-related groups. But as this list suggests, it is simply not possible. No small business has the financial and human capital to do it.
Marketing opportunities come along every …