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National Technology and Business Financing Expert Right Here at Home

By Elizabeth Jamieson

As unassuming as Clark Kent, Bill Hammond entered his conference room for our recent interview, and I had no idea what a treat I was in for! Little did I know that right here on Martin Way exists the office of both, “The Hammond Group,” and “The Green Box,” with founder, technology and business guru William “Bill” Hammond acting as the brains behind them both.

A former Senior Technology Manager for Intel for over a decade, Hammond knows the entire process of technology development, from initial “buy vs. make” analysis, to marketing strategy, design and build, customer service, and sustaining and supporting a technology product. Having “been there and done that,” he facilitated several major business acquisitions for the hardware giant, and was able to explain the extremely detailed due diligence process involved in large business acquisitions right off the top of his head. Hammond is one of a handful of top technology experts that can easily talk shop with any Fortune 1000 CIO or CTO, and in the same meeting will gain the trust of the CEO and COO by talking business strategy, operations and finance. His expertise on both fronts makes him an attractive ally for would-be customers from several different industries and sectors.

The Green Box provides managed Information Technology services to local businesses and non-profits, which means that most of its clients have ongoing contracts with the Green Box to provide consulting and customization, as well as servers, application and cloud hosting. Green Box also manages backups, security and maintenance as part of its managed services contracts. When the phone rings at the Green Box, Hammond’s team of experts springs into action to make sure business applications are up and running for his clients…and for the clients of his clients. The Green Box systems are so closely monitored that very often they know before their client does, if there is trouble within a client system. Hammond and his team often resolve issues within minutes…not hours…and sometimes even before their clients knew there was anything going awry! Not surprisingly, Hammond’s team includes an equally impressive former military officer with expertise in technology security; and the work of the team has received top awards from mock auditors, who say they’ve never seen business systems running so tightly as Hammond’s clients’ systems do. If you are shopping for a technology partner, or you just want an outside objective opinion about a critical hardware or software investment, you will be very, very hard pressed to find more knowledgeable advice.

The client list of the Green Box includes a number of local and regional players from industries that that rely heavily on technology as their core business infrastructure, like banking and healthcare. Several regional and local credit unions rely on the Green Box to keep their core systems secure and up and running. Hammond is also a major player in the arena of healthcare technology, having watched trends in the industry for decades and having worked with medical device design at Intel. Many practice owners and practice managers are utilizing the Green Box for consulting and implementation services around making the transition to electronic medical records, or EMR. Hammond understands the financial ramifications of these decisions for each practice, and emphasizes how critical these choices are for practices and patients alike. The statistics for patients who actually die while waiting for treatment (because their practitioner can’t quickly access their medical records) are both staggering and unconscionable. And the cost of switching systems once a practice has made the transition to an EMR system would mean the end for many a practice. But what if your existing vendor goes out of business, and your system is no longer supported? Hammond says this is why it is so critical to make the right choice up front, with the support of someone who knows all of the options. Hammond clearly understands the long-term pros and cons of such things.

In addition to the Green Box, Hammond owns, “The Hammond Group,” which also operates out of the Martin Way office. The Hammond Group offers general business consulting, but specializes in helping businesses and non-profits to get funding, and coaches clients who want to “take their company public” through the entire IPO process. Hammond has relationships with venture capitalists around the entire country, but he especially keeps close ties with Angel investors from up and down the West Coast. He assists companies and their internal and external attorneys in conducting successful business valuations, acquisitions, mergers and sale of business transactions.

Find out more about William Hammond at www.TheGreenBox.org and www.HammondGroup.org.

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