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The Way To Wealth Is Through Innovation

Source: Impact Washington

The Problem: Innovation can be Slow & Risky

The Solution: A SYSTEM…. That increases innovation speed (6x) and decreases risk (30 to 80%) with tools to help your team think smarter & more creatively.

Learn & Apply the System at the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute in
Blaine, Washington.


The Way to Wealth is not a mystery itʼs within the reach of every organization that is open to learning. The Way to Wealth is INNOVATION. When your services and or products are Meaningfully Unique employees are proud and motivated, management is optimistic and everyone makes more money and has more opportunities.


Meaningfully unique products and services make more money. Period. If you want to get out of commodity market hell, and sell on value then you need to innovate and offer more meaningfully unique services and products to your customers. A Georgia Tech Study found that businesses focused on Innovation has double the profit margin versus those who sell based on low price.

Why NOW?

If America does not innovate, our children will not realize the American Dream. American workers, managers and business owners need to transform from a culture that fears failure to an offensive culture focused on growth. We need to learn again how to transform every company into a growth company that makes money because the services and products offered are worth more to customers.

In the past Innovation was slow and risky. Today, there is a system that increases innovation speed while decreasing risk. The Innovation Engineering Management System is a proven system of tools developed through scientific inquiry -grounded in hard data and proven reliable in real world application. Over the past 25 years, this system and the tools that make up the system were only available to the big companies – Nike, Hewlett Packard, Walt Disney, Procter & Gamble, Slumberger and Ford Motor Company. Now thanks to the US Department of Commerceʼs NIST/MEP Network itʼs available to all companies.

Why YOU?

The world is changing and you need to be changing faster than the marketplace to stay ahead of the market. If you want to learn a SYSTEM to get your company out of the hole that you are in… If YOU are a leader without a SYSTEM for growth that is fast and effective enough, you owe it to yourself and to your employees to attend the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute in Blaine with your key staff.
Return on Investment from the Innovation Engineering Management System

Individual results vary; however, other companies have realized….

72% Increase In your teamʼs confidence to Lead Innovation 1

A 7X increase in all employees ability to think smarter & more creatively 2

Significant growth in employee innovation confidence, optimism & proactive action in 100 days 3

Ideas to first sale in 10% of the time, at 16% of the cost & with double the odds of success 4

1) self-reported surveys from participants 2) In quantity and quality trials versus traditional brainstorming 3) Assessment benchmark study results 100 days after full management system implementation 4) Independent P&G Finance Study and MEP Concept Test Forecasts from the System

For more proof of the effectiveness of the Innovation Engineering System visit www.InnovationEngineeringProof.com

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