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The Family Business: Opportunities for Non-Family Members

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One of the challenges of operating a family business is in recruiting and retaining great non-family employees. Retention of employees is greatly enhanced when great employees see opportunities of advancement within the organization. If those employees perceive that advancement is only available to family members, retention efforts will be negatively impacted.

One of the smartest things family business can do is to identify all potential ‘advancement opportunities’ within the business. By creating advancement opportunities for non-family members, the ability to retain valuable employees can be significantly enhanced. For smaller businesses, this becomes a more difficult challenge.

In the area of career advancement, a core question to be answered is: Does every family member-employee have the capacity and interest in becoming a leader of the business? Not everyone can become a leader. Is this a recognized reality in the family business, or is it simply a family value to make every member of the family a ‘leader’, even when that may not be a realistic goal? This also leads to the question of ‘how’ leaders are chosen within the business. In other words, are the leaders of the business based upon ‘merit’, or ‘inherit’?

Career advancement is an important aspect of any business. For non-family members, this area of employee-employer relations can be impacted positively or negatively depending on how family members are treated in comparison to non-family members. The more ‘merit-based’ career advancement can be made, the more likelihood there is that the best employees will remain committed to the business.

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