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The Professional Service Provider: Specialist or Jack-of-all-Trades?

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As a business consultant I find it more than a little disconcerting when a specialist I go to, say a doctor, dentist, CPA or other such professional, refuses to use specialists to assist and support them in their business development. I have to believe that a dentist does not think it wise to have me attempt to fill my own cavities. Nor do I believe that my attorney believes I could represent myself appropriately in a legal matter that they have been trained to address.

So why is it then that these very same specialists often do not seek out the expertise of business/management consultants? How is that someone who spent years in dental school now believes they can effectively operate their practice, using proven management techniques without the assistance of an expert in business management? Trust me, when I go to my dentist, I do not care if he can add 1+1, or understands the difference between the various retirement plans available or whether he can even spell QuickBooks. I want him to be an expert in dentistry…period.

Individuals who have mastered a professional skill/service often do not have the expertise or the time to devote to creating great business practices, systems and efficiencies. You would think that the professional provider would realize the need for and the advantages of hiring the expertise they need to achieve the results they desire for their practice, firm, or business. These professionals may be missing out on maximizing their own investments, creating employee benefits which impact the retention of employees, optimizing profitability and cash flow or developing highly capable and professional employees.

Professionals surrounding themselves with the expertise they need outside their own expertise are much more likely to achieve the long-term results they desire. Are you the ‘Jack-of-All-Trades professional, or the expert focusing on your expertise while using the talents and skills of others to maximize results?

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