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The Practicing Business Owner

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Have you ever noticed how doctors, dentists, attorneys and other professional service providers refer to themselves as ‘ a practicing…’? Yet, when we refer to ourselves as business owners we use the term more as a ‘title’ or a statement of status. But why not ‘practicing business owner’? Are we afraid to let the secret out that maybe, just maybe we don’t know everything there is to know about running a business, or managing employees or maximizing profit or…?

I can’t imagine not attempting to get better at what I do. I can’t imagine why any business would want to remain static in their development as a business owner over time. By simply adding the descriptor ‘Practicing’, professionals acknowledge that they are really practicing. They are learning new technical/professional skills to better serve their clients. Why wouldn’t those same business owners (or owners of professional practices) refer to themselves as ‘practicing businesses owners’ as well? Why wouldn’t a business owner not continuously improve their business by improving their ‘business ownership skills’?

By becoming a practicing business owner, you give yourself permission to try new things and maybe make some mistakes. Mentally you free yourself up not to be ‘perfect’ but to be continuing to grow and develop the one thing each of your employees desperately needs you to do…improve your skills in owning a business. You expect your employees to grow and development additional skills. Do you expect that of yourself?

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