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New Systems…Employee Responses Part 1 of 3

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I have enjoyed the opportunity to assist businesses in establishing new or improved systems. When a business goes from NO Employee Management System to a structured system, there are some reasonably predictable things that will occur. If you know you need to adjust, tighten up or even create a new employee management system, you also should plan for some predictable and manageable employee behaviors. While I will focus on employee management systems specifically in this set of posts, many of the same issues arise whenever any new system is introduced into a business or organization.

When a new employee management system is introduced in a small organization which has never had a formalized system, many employees if not all will react with caution and possibly trepidation. This is not shocking, nor should it be unexpected. Creating a new system which supports employees’ technical/professional growth and also establishes a system of accountability must be presented in a way that assures employees that the intent is to develop every employee into a long-term member of the organization. During the implementation phase, emphasizing this aspect of management system while also documenting employee performance will help most, and I do emphasize most, employees recognize the benefits of the new system.

There are however a small number of employees who will absolutely hate, and I do emphasize the word hate, the new structure and system. This will typically be a very small group, but the power of their dislike must be planned for and dealt with professionally and directly. There will also be a small group of employees who will absolutely love the new system. If they do not love it, they will breathe a huge sigh of relief and once again believe there is hope in remaining their current job.

I will discuss the each of these ‘employee extremes’ in my next two posts.
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