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New Systems…Employee Responses Part 2 of 3

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In my last post I introduced the topic of adding a new Employee Management System, when there was not one previously. Today I want to share with you the first of the two extreme responses that may be exhibited by a small group of employees when such a system is implemented.

The first group and by far the easiest group to address are those who express relief and or pure happiness with the change. While you clearly do not have to do any work to convince them that the new system is positive, you do have to explore what has occurred in the past, without the system, that created the stress and or negative feelings they experienced. Typically these employees believe they were on the ‘outside’ looking in. They may perceive that others were treated specially. Typically this group of employees simply express that they are not appreciated and that others receive all of the attention. There is clearly some work to do with these folks.

The first step with this set of employees is to engage in a conversation or set of conversations which will allow them to express what events, actions and behaviors have occurred in the past which led them to believe that; (a) they were treated inequitably, (b) that others were given special treatment or privileges. If the organization/business has an HR Manager, this person should conduct these interviews. If the organization/business does not have an HR Manager, an outside consultant who brings objectivity to the process, should be utilized.

The second step the organization must do is to immediately address the concerns expressed by this group. The new system must be implemented thoroughly, effectively and evenly across all parts of the organization/business. Actions speak louder than words and this set of employees is watching very closely to determine if the new system implementation will directly resolve the issues that were of serious concern to them. Any missteps in the implementation phase of the new Employee Management System will cause real harm in repairing the damage which occurred prior to the use of an structured system.

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