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Benefits: Vacation Time for the Owner

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I have discussed ‘benefits’ in previous posts as they relate to employees…but what about owners? One of the key methods of understanding whether you ‘own your business’ or whether you ‘own your job’ can be found when you as the owner take a vacation.

My father owned a ‘business’ for over 30 years. He claimed he took multiple vacations each year as the ‘business’ matured. Now you notice I am using quotes around business, because my father’s vacations were a leading indicator that in fact he did not own a business, but rather his job. I understood that, even as I worked for several years in the family business, unfortunately he never did.

My father’s vacations consisted of calling into the office multiple times each day he was vacationing. My father’s vacations consisted of calling customers and suppliers multiple times each day. NO decisions could be made without my father’s direct and explicit permission. Yet, in my father’s mind, he was on vacation. The truth was he was simply ‘telecommuting’ from multiple locations resulting in the reality that he never really took a vacation…at least mentally.

If you would like to take vacations that are truly vacations and not exercises in creative telecommuting, you may need to look at the systems, or lack of systems you have currently in your business. You may find your business is really the job you own. If owning your job is your desired outcome, you may not need to add any systems (although systems help even us job owners). However if you really desire to own a business that allows you to take true vacations, both physically and mentally, a systems-driven business may be what you need.

There are consultants such as myself who can assist in the creation of a systems-driven business. You may want to consider this the next time you are on ‘vacation’.

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