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June 15, 2011

Source: Josh Kilen – Creating Powerful Ideas and Stories
I recently interviewed a client and he challenged me about the relevance of storytelling and social media in B2B situations.  I gave him a decent response that seemed to answer his questions, but it also got me looking more closely at business to business relationships.
Business is all about cultivating quality relationships with clients and customers.  B2B is no exception to this.  But business tend to take longer to trust one another, so the relationship process is extended.
Relationships …

June 13, 2011

Source: DJM Focus – Des McGahern
The “new normal” has not been fun for most businesses. The phrase is catchy enough, but the reality is that many managers have had to face some fairly gut wrenching decisions over the past few years. If you’re a business owner, no doubt you know what I’m talking about.
With few exceptions, this new reality generally reflects lower revenues. Traditional adjustments to costs and expenses do not come close to making any significant impact so, painful, sometimes very painful, cost reductions are put off and …

June 13, 2011

Source: bryansbizblog.com
Do you spend time analyzing if the outcomes you want to achieve are supported by the incentives you create in your organization? Do you know if you have created the incorrect incentives to achieve the outcomes you desire? Sometimes we support behaviors we should not support, while ignoring the very behaviors we would like to increase in our employees.
I have observed, or been a part of organizations which would have been well served to look more closely at how they were managing and compensating their employees based upon …

June 9, 2011

I have had the pleasure of working with non-profit Boards and Executive Directors over the past several years. During Director Planning Sessions a frequent question asked is about the need for Board Member term limits. My experience with non-profit organizations and Boards leads me to recommend that both membership and leadership roles be term limited. Here is a summary of what term limits bring to the Board.
Board Member Term Limits:
• Provide a systematic way to bring new members onto the Board creating new energy and innovation
• Create a sense of …

June 2, 2011

So what do you do when a parent calls to complain about how you are treating their adult-age child at work?
This is not a joke…really.
When I was an educational administrator in the early 1990’s rarely a week went by that a building principal would not complain about a parent coming into their office demanding their child not be disciplined. Often this demand was made because the parent made it very clear, their child would NEVER do anything wrong. I am not kidding.
Flash forward to the early …