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Owning It Totally

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I have alluded to ‘ownership’ in several different ways over the last several weeks. Whether you own a ‘job’ or a ‘business’, there is one key aspect I believe every owner has to truly ‘own’. You are responsible for the success and/or failure of your endeavor. Period.

I cannot tell you how many times I have read, or heard directly from owners, that their struggles (and out-and-out failures) were caused by somebody or something else. The range of this blame spans from ‘government regulation’, to ‘taxes’ to ‘employees’ to the ‘economy’. And while I readily acknowledge that any one of these targets of blame may contribute to one’s lack of success, in the end, it is the owner who owns it. I know that is a harsh assessment. As an owner of my job however, I fully believe it. It is my responsibility to make or break my success. It is my responsibility to create the business structure, business systems, pricing structure, marketing strategy and a set of services which will work. If I don’t, it is mine and mine alone to ‘own’.

Business owners who accept this responsibility and own it will work to create and adapt the systems and strategies which give them the best possible chance for success. I have reached out to experts, IT specialists, web-designers, CPAs, an attorney, financial advisor and a business consultant to assist me in developing my business. I own my success and my failures. With the support I have chosen to surround my business with I have enhanced my chances of long-term success.

What support systems do you have assuring the best possible chance of success?
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