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Have You Asked Yourself Lately “How Do I Plan For And Manage The Technology For My Business When It’s Changing So Fast?”

Source: Ryan Rutledge – Business Values Magazine

Changes occur all the time that can affect your business and your productivity. Whether you’re running a business or managing a company division, you’re likely to face decisions almost daily on everything from system upgrades to whether the latest shiny new gadget will work as promised. 
Recently, I met with Todd Whitley and Gordon Carlisle, Managing Partners of Brightwire Networks LLC, located in Tumwater. About six years ago we were all members of a BNI Leads Group. Brightwire wants to “help clients get the most out of their existing technology, provide cost effective support, and help them evaluate the best new technologies that make sense for their business” says Todd.
Brightwire clients have a team of professionals assigned to them to help manage their IT. Hiring an in-house IT person is expensive and often more than most small to mid-size businesses require. Brightwire recently completed development of a services cost structure to give clients a “true global support flat fee” says Todd Whitley. The goal is to help businesses better plan for and manage their IT costs. Contact Todd to learn more about this.
Brightwire gets it. Business owners don’t do their own taxes – they outsource that Mumbo Jumbo to a CPA and have them take care of it. BrightWire helps you sort through the Mumbo Jumbo of technology. They are a team of knowledgeable professionals experienced in the business of technology. They keep up with tech innovations and work directly with you to help you decide which solutions will work best with your business.
If you have 5 or more users on your computer network or your business is rapidly growing and you want a “team” of IT professionals then consider Brightwire Networks and take your technology woes away.

Brightwire Networks can be reached at (360) 528-6017 or learn more at www.BrightwireNetworks.com.

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