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Friend’ Requests at Work

Should managers accept ‘friend’ requests from non-managers? Should non-managers make a ‘friend’ request of managers?



Next question…Why?

There are several reasons why the answer to those opening questions is a resounding – ‘no’. First and foremost, managers and non-managers, particularly if there is a direct-line supervision relationship between them, cannot be ‘friends’. One of the hardest adjustments a new manager, hired within the ranks learns is that they are no longer ‘one of the guys/gals’. That reality also applies to the social media phenomena of ‘friending’ people.

I know of an organization which had to create a new policy which prevents non-management staff from making ‘friend’ requests of managers. They found the need to take this step to protect their managers from repeated attempts on the part of non-management employees making such requests. The managers did not want, nor did they need, that type of pressure.

Social media offers up exciting opportunities for marketing. Social media offers up unique challenges for businesses. Just one of several challenges is ‘friend’ requesting within the business. In coming posts, I will share some thoughts about other challenges social media present to businesses and non-profit organizations. Creating a comprehensive policy regarding social media can help minimize some of the inherent risks in using social media in your organization’s marketing processes.

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