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Employee Consistency = Better Results

Inconsistent service delivery + inconsistent product quality = inconsistent bottom-line. Duh This is not rocket science.

If you receive products with inconsistent quality do you simply shrug your shoulders, say “oh well” and continue using the same vendor? Hopefully you do not. If your business depends on consistent product quality, don’t you hold your vendor accountable or look for another vendor? Of course you do.

If your employees deliver inconsistent quality in their work production, do you say “oh well” and continue using the same employees? Probably, which is perfectly fine, if and only if, you have a process in place to hold them accountable to improve their work quality. So where does accountability start? Do you have; (a) employee policies and procedures, (b) formal job descriptions, (c) employee evaluation forms and procedures…and, do you actually implement them? Do you provide ongoing employee training and support?

You can improve the consistency of the bottom-line if you work as hard at creating consistency of your employees work production as you do in improving your product line.

Do you have an employee performance system in place that not only measures performance, but also provides a tool for further developing the skills and talents of your employees?

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