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EcoExpo 2011, part of South Sound Green Tour April 16th & 17th

The 2nd Annual South Sound Green Tour is a a community-wide event that provides the public and our industry with Inspiration, Education and Solutions for the best that sustainable design and construction have to offer.

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, South Sound Chapter invites you to participate in our first annual EcoExpo 2011, as part of the event at Site #1, LOTT Alliance.  Exhibitors will include many of the same sponsors, suppliers and vendors that have helped to produce some of the Greenest projects on the South Sound Green Tour.

This year, we hope you will join us for this excellent marketing and educational opportunity. If your company is looking for a place to exhibit your sustainable products and services, then don’t miss out on the first annual ExoExpo2011. Follow the link below to fill out your application: http://www.planetreg.com/E112202320141.

See below Sustainability Criteria for Exhibitors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, or go on our website and check out the EcoExpo and Green Tour at www.SouthSoundGreenTour.org.

We look forward to your participation. Please feel free to call us with any further questions.

Debra Shapiro: EcoExpo Coordinator
Cell: (360) 970-6826

Amanda Stowers: EcoExpo Intern
Cell: (805) 570-1743

Vendor Criteria for EcoExpo 2011

Exhibitors must work in a sustainable trade relating to interiors, landscaping, service, or
construction.  Exhibitors should qualify in at least 2 or more of the following categories.

1.  Uses recycled materials for their particular product, rather than the utilization of only virgin materials.
2. Uses local or sustainable products.
3. Helps to reduce carbon emissions through water conservation or energy conservation.
4. Educates their customers and employees on the benefits of being a sustainable business, such as using less paper in favor of electronic delivery.
5.  Reduces production of waste through recycling.
6. Works  towards solving environmental and social problems.
7. Uses organic and natural materials for their particular trade.
8. Company has either significantly reduced their energy consumption through energy efficient practices and/or purchases significant amounts of renewable energy.
9. Business practices which help to promote conservation and a healthier environment.
10. Has integrated sustainable interiors, buildings, or landscaping into their local business to help create a more sustainable environment.

Please identify and describe which of the aforementioned sustainable practices your company demonstrates.

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