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What does Insurance have to do with Shoes!?!

I asked Abby what she wants people to know about insurance and she replied “Shopping for insurance is like shopping for shoes – one brand doesn’t fit everybody.  Nor does one type of policy fit every individual”  Through the Independent Agency, Cross Insurance, she is able to provide multiple insurance carriers to find the perfect “fit” for her clients insurance needs.

When you are looking for an insurance professional and provider who is indeed passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, then I recommend Abby Johnson with Cross Insurance Agency.  Abby was a teacher in her former career.  District budget cuts hit her and she found herself looking for a new job.  Having been friends with Abby, Andrew Cross of Cross Insurance Agency knew of this.  He offered to train, get her licensed, and told her she could leave in September. She never did leave.  She found a career in which she could use her education background to help inform and educate her clients.

Fast forward over seven years and Abby has come out from behind the desk and is engaging the community with her passion for serving people.  A penchant for thoroughness, Abby has decided to build on her skills in the office and share the insurance and financial knowledge she has absorbed so well.

She says, “people can’t make informed decisions without information.”   She explained the cost to increase liability coverage is usually very little.  She recently quoted a business and told them they could double their commercial auto liability coverage from $500,000 per occurrence to $1 Million per occurrence for an annual difference of $94.00.  She said, “Its important clients know their options and what’s available to them.”  She informed me you can’t bankrupt against a liability claim and increasing liability coverage helps protect against that potentially from happening.

I asked Abby what she wants people to know about her as a professional.  She replied “It’s important to know I have been doing this for seven years.  I am now just showing my face, but I am not fresh and green, this is my career.  I’ll be here for a long time.  This is my community.”  To learn more about Abby Johnson find her at a local networking meeting through the Thurston County Chamber, call her at (360) 888-2336, e-mail her at abby@crossinsuranceagency.com , or visit www.CrossInsuranceAgency.com to learn more about Cross Insurance Agency

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