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Thurston Energy’s The Pathway to Business Savings

The Pathway to Savings:

  1. Assess current energy usage
  2. Walk through building to understand current systems
  3. Provide recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades
  4. Plan and implement energy-efficiency upgrades
  5. Measure success

    After an initial discussion to explore if your business is a strong candidate for improving energy efficiency, we’ll take the next step by scheduling a joint walk-through by PSE and Thurston Energy.  The walk-through will review the building’s operating systems:

    • Lighting
    • Heating and Cooling
    • Equipment and Appliances
    • Water Systems (hot water heating, toilets, sinks, irrigation)
    • Building Envelope (insulation, windows, etc)

      PSE will replace up to 12 incandescent bulbs with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) and install faucet aerators for no charge – these measures can have an immediate effect on your utility bills.

      After completion of the walk-through, PSE will provide you with a letter detailing our findings and recommendations, as well as potential financial incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades.  Thurston Energy can then assist you in implementing these recommendations and gather other potential incentives to further mitigate the cost of improvements.

      Thurston Energy has a list of certified local contractors to provide you with bids, or you’re welcome to use any other contractor with whom you’re comfortable.  Thurston Energy also has built strong relationships with local lending institutions (O Bee Credit Union & Heritage Bank) to provide loans for energy-efficiency upgrades.

      Upon completion of upgrade measures, Thurston Energy will again assess your business’s energy usage, quantify the success of your energy savings and reduction in operating expenses and certify you as a “Thurston Energy Saver”.

      Thurston Energy’s goal is to create and help retain local jobs through energy efficiency upgrades and to motivate businesses to do good for the environment while doing well for their bottom-line.

      For more information on the Thurston Energy program, call us at or 360.754.6320.  For more information about PSE’s energy efficiency programs, visit www.PSE.com.

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