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They Told Her No!

Doctors told her she would not be able to continue the physical activity necessary to train people and businesses how to be and stay physically fit.  If she couldn’t train for her own physical fitness how can she help other people train for theirs?  Business owners are resilient and Amanda Price at Fit4Life located on Olympia’s Westside is no exception.

Miss Price has had three unique experiences that shape her as a person and influence her as a professional.  First she was an obese teenager.  Second, after becoming physically fit Amanda went on to struggle with anorexia.  Third, and most recently Amanda was involved in a serious motorcycle accident.  Doctors told her she would not recover to train or participate in vigorous physical activities again.  Today that’s not true – I saw with my own eyes.  I fully believe the unique experiences Amanda shared allows her to fully empathize and have deeper connections to her clients resulting in greater success.

An analysis of research studies evaluating the impact of employee wellness programs conducted by Roy J. Shephard, MD, PhD, DPE revealed the following major findings:

  • Gains were larger when incentives were used to encourage participation.
  • Medical claims decreased by an average of $100- $400 per year relative to participants in control groups.
  • Cardiac risk factors were lowered in wellness program participants*

Providence, a member of the Wellness Councils of America, in Everett, Washington, saved an estimated 3 million or a cost-benefit ratio of 1 to 3.8 over 9 years of an outcomes-based employee health benefit program called the Wellness Challenge®. By offering financial incentives ($250 – $325) to employees who meet specific organizational and employee health initiatives the program continues to meet cost containment expectations in the area of healthcare use, sick time, injuries, while improving health habits and self-care practices. During the first 4 years of the program there was a 28% average reduction in healthcare utilization compared to nine other Providence hospitals that were used as a control group.

Even  one day of lost revenue or productivity in a month due to lack of physical health and wellness can be detrimental.  Amanda has wellness programs for businesses of all sizes.  She can provide education, seminars, training and special pricing for your employees and customers.  Amanda currently works with many businesses and business owners to create the right program and services.  A wellness plan may consist of set time, day and location that employees are receive training from Amanda .  Training and education can be done on a one on one basis or in a group setting with arrangements of special pricing for both..  Some businesses choose to offer extended lunch hours to accommodate this program.

Don’t miss out on savings, healthy living and quality of life for you and your business.  Call Amanda today at (360) 790-6767, email her at amanda@fit4lifefitness.com or visit her website www.fit4lifefitness.com.


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Shephard, R.J., ” A Critical Analysis of Work-site Fitness Programs and their Postulated Economic Effect”, Medicine and Science Sports and Exercise. October 1991.

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